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Rhonda Gallant-Morari is a child of the Canadian prairie. Born in Moose-Jaw and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, she grew up enchanted by the open vistas that spread out around her. Rhonda learned at an early age that hearing the song of the seasons and observing the subtleties of nature can provide peace in a world that often seems unable to catch its breath. These early influences would plant creative seeds that would be nurtured over the coming years.

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"Rhonda's music always brings me home. Whether I am travelling the world or having a melancholy day, Rhonda's warm voice and thoughtful lyrics resonate each time, as if I am hearing them for the first time."

Laverne Bissky -  Feet on the Ground Adventures (Calgary)

Rhonda Gallant-Morari's songs bring me back to the strength and beauty ever present in prairie skyline with her evocative lyrics, and effortlessly graceful voice."

Christine Baxter of Sweet Sante Fe Music (Comox, BC)

Rhonda’s spirit-filled songs give powerful voice to the wholeness and beauty of deep connection with our own authenticity, one another, and all of creation.

Karen Scott Barss, 

Nurse Educator and Spiritual Companion  (Saskatoon, SK.)


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