Short Bio


Rhonda Gallant-Morari is a singer-songwriter from the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan area in Canada.  Her first full length CD, Dance Against The Wind, was released in 2014. She is excited to be releasing her sophomore album Star Drift, which is coming out the summer of 2020.

Having lived briefly in Eastern Canada and in the Arctic, this lifelong prairie girl's music is heavily influenced by surroundings and the people who share these spaces.  Her themes are universal and speak to relationships and the environment that keeps us humble. As an outdoor enthusiast, birder, and hunter she is aware of the  cycles of life that are happening around us and ones we are part of.

Rhonda studied piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music and sang in school and provincial choirs.   She loves to perform. Rhonda accompanies herself on piano. She sings with passion and depth and makes it easy for the listener to share in the experience of her evocative songs.


From:   Saskatoon

Genre:  Singer songwriter, Adult                 


Label:   Independent

100%    MAPL